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Innovation is a natural process. And it’s Simple. So why the hell do so many people make such a complex voodoo mess of it?

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I’ve been reading a lot online lately about innovation. Holy Kwap on a Kwakah – from where does some of that digital dung derive? Talk about painful obfuscation. Acronyms and “business speak” out the gas jets. Pedantic gibberish bantered about as conversation. I’m sure they all knew what they were talking about. But I blew through a couple of my own gas jet gaskets trying to wade through all that morass trying to understand what the hell they were saying.

I’ll dive into creativity and innovation in a later post and instead leave you with one of my favorite quotes.

“Ich habe keine besondere Begabung, sondern bin nur leidenschaftlich neugierig “

-Albert Einstein

Isn’t this just the short and sweet of it?

P.S. “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious”

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  1. I believe curiousity is next to Godliness (smile). Just think if we were curious, instead of fearful, bigoted, self-important or ashamed. What a world that could be. Business-speak is another way to separate the monkeys from the suits–or to separate us from each other. Keep up the good work.


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