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I”m Going to Lie to You But It’s the Truth

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True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing– Socrates

Imagine if virtually every moment of our lives we remained an empty vessel ready to accept all sensory inputs – aural, visual, and kinesthetic. Imagine each subtle flake of knowledge being imparted into your brain and ultimately laminating your physiology with the nearly instantaneous welcoming and accepting nuances of thought and action.

Imagine the power to act with pure thought upon pure understanding. But could we? Could we really act or would we have to? And if we did act, what would we act upon if we had such constantly immersive experiences…wouldn’t the constant ebb and flux of answers overwhelm our questions at some point – like some kind of intellectual diminishing rate of return. What happens if we have more answers than questions? Could we sustain that modality and survive as humans? Could we flourish?

For over three decades I’ve personally been acquiring knowledge at various levels of understanding – both serendipitously as well as intentionally – to improve my life, no matter if it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual.

What I’ve noticed is that all that we learn with our senses either deliberately as a finely tuned filter or as a cell-full sponge can still only “layer’ our psyches. But these days the pyroclastic flow of information impedes our ability to effectively process virtually all new information efficiently. And many people seem to remain preserved in a perpetual state of subconscious paralysis only able to handle a single momentary trickle of data. So they become picky about what they want to learn and absorb and become unaware of the effects of their dis-flowed evolutionary condition.

But how much of that information flow being hurled at us is really necessary? And how much of it is new or perceived as new? If we filter out “old wives tales” and historical truisms and the fluff and circumstance in the common stream of our life, is what’s left over new information? Is this new information globally available for anyone to inspect if they want to? Or is it only available to those who actively seek it out and attempt to make sense of it? And is the rapid cycle of information propagation as tiered as people’s ability to process and understand it? I sense and admire the structure within this chaos.

So what have I learned? Well, without the tedium of listing everything I’ve been massaging and tossing about since I was a kid and old enough to reason, I believe that I can confidently and succinctly say – nothing!

And that leads me full circle to the beginning where it all started:

True knowledge exists in admitting that you still know nothing” – cameron

See…I lied. I do know something.

But it’s the truth.

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