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The Dummy Zero™ Blogpad is dedicated to creative people just like me and you. We are the Dummy Zeros who can’t seem to turn off that creative flow, whether it’s silly, off-the-wall, or business-centered. This blog is trying to reach out to thinkers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and tinkerers who have an insatiable appetite to create.

But this is not creation just for the sake of throwing something against a wall or running it up a flag pole and saying “Dude, check out how cool this is. We can make a million bucks!”.

Instead, the Dummy Zero™ Blogpad is for the rest of us who want to create real-world solutions for real-world problems, just like I did with the Dummies’ concept. I saw a need to develop a creative solution for the dry, poorly written, overly technical computer books that were littering bookstores and driving me bonkers. And I took action to make it happen.

It’s also for other creative people who want to bring their ideas to market whether that universe comprises just family members or the global market as the For Dummies® series did. The Dummy Zero™ Blogpad is for people like you who like to invent and tinker. People who want to solve problems by creating fun novelties, books, videos, electronics, clothing, audio, iPod apps, games, and mechanical gizmos.

Creating novelties may seem like the odd man out. But fun may be just the ticket to the entertainment that fills those forgotten spaces between the often present grist of living and working. Now that’s a welcome solution – so bring it on!

You don’t have to be an engineer or super genius to be here. I’m neither. I just connected the essence from different sources to create something innovative in the publishing world. The inventor of the intermittent wiper (Dr. Kearns) came up with his invention while driving his car in the rain and associating the wiper with the intermittent action of blinking his eyes.

That’s the kind of “hmmmm” and “a-ha” moment that starts the creative journey to market. If this describes how you view most everything around you on a daily basis, you should be here.

Our focus is not on how much money we can make. In fact, if your sole motivation to create something is to fatten your wallet in a hurry you’re in the wrong place. I spent nearly a year researching before I got flashed with the Dummies concept. And although I now know that I spent far too much time in bookstores, I also know that finding a real need and filling it can still be a laborious process. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy what I do because I know that my brain is wired that way.

If you believe that you’d be a good fit here – welcome creative thinker. Welcome friend. And welcome fellow Dummy Zero™!

Sit back and smile. You’ve found a safe place to hang your hat and sharpen your pencil with others just like you. Let’s talk. Let’s share ideas. And let’s connect the ions between our spaces in the universe.

Problems are afoot that need our special help now!


© 2010 Dummy Zero™ All Rights Reserved


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  1. I can’t claim a market for my invention, but I often put together disparate items to create something new. Case in point: two years ago, I bought 30 bowling balls at an estate sale. (No, I’m not a bowler, unless you count Zero as a score.) My plan is to create colorful sculpture for the gardens.

    The quick reality came when I realized I needed a boatload of hose guides for my 900-square-foot, newly-created, meandering garden. Off I went to my workshop for some rebar lying around (doesn’t everyone have that?) and a big ole hammer. A few minutes later, after whang, whang, whang, I had colorful hose guides that I don’t trip over and i love to see out there!

    Glad to have a place here where the creative drive and process are front and center.

    • lahgitana,

      Thanks for chiming in! That is really a creative solution for recycling bowling balls. Who woulda’ thunk, eh?

      I wouldn’t worry about going to market. The fact that you associated those bowling balls with the potential for a garden sculpture and acted on it is exactly the kind of ingenuity I’m talking about here on the Dummy Zero™ Blogpad.

      I’m a firm believer in the Laws of Attraction and the Laws of the Universe. If you want your dreams to come true you have to put yourself and your ideas and what you really want out into the Universe, then you have to take action to make it happen. The rest will follow.

      Actually, I was thinking that if you shaved off the side of the balls opposite the finger holes the balls would have a nice base to sit on. And the holes could be fitted with eyeball lights or used to hold seed tubes. The lights could be interchangeable and adjustable. The seed tubes would allow small plants or flowers to germinate. And when they got big enough the tubes could be removed and planted. This process could be repeated again and again. Just my imagination running away again…

      So what are you doing for your gutters? 8-)P

      – DZ


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